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Default start of my 2008 spring bear

Well me and the hunting buddy went out to put our baits in the forest yesterday and we got a shock of how much snow was still up there.We started out try a new area were we were last summer and it seemed like a good place to set up baits.Well after a few hours of quading around looking for signs of bear(there was nothing)we decided to go set up the baits and we had 4 sites that we wanted to use 3 of the 4.Every one of them a outfitter had set up on.We had nothing now so at 5pm we took off loking for another place and we mangered to find 2 that seemed like they might be good.

We headed back to the truck loaded up both quads and went to head back and at the start we had to cross a low lying area and not knowing it was frozen water that was cover in snow I broke through with my front tires.
So I'm standing there looking at what happened and the next thing I know I broke though the ice like a rock up to my waist

It scared the crap out of me,we then realized it was a beaver run not wide but deep,we could get a cross but weren't sure if we did set up if we would be able to cross there in 2 weeks after the snow melted.So we went on another drive looking for a another spot about 9pm 10 kms for the truck we had to call it quits and had to head home with the bait till my next set of days off in 2 weeks

1st pic-my girl helping me make popcorn for the bear bait
2nd-heading out that morning
3rd-the snow when we got there
4th-taking a break(hunting partner)
5th-unloading the quads
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