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Default Tail-Right Tearing

OK... Now I'm bothered. Never a good thing.

I spent most of the morning today replacing my shafts. All but 2 have been destroyed... let's not go into how... let's just say that I've been learning a lot. k? k.

Anyway. I got a box of Easton Epic Slim Tech 400's because the Redheads I have been shooting are not available for a while. Bummer. I had them cut to 29" which is just right for my draw. Got them home and glued in the inserts, then went to dinner and paper tested Cale's bow and Cheri's bow. Tey tested fine and I was ready to see how these flew.

I numbered all 12 and put on 125 grain field points. 1-6 tore tail-right. I stopped at 6 and changed the 125 to 100 grain. Same thing. I stopped.

I looked up tail-right tearing and found the following:

"A tail-right tear is usually indicative of an overspined arrow, too much tension on your cushion plunger, or a bow that is too light for the current arrows. You can increase bow weight, use weaker spined, or longer arrows, or try moving your rest horizontally."

A) What the heck is a cushion plunger??

B) I can't increase the bow weight (I assume that's the draw weight) because the limbs are at the bottom.

C) If I move the rest, do I move it to the left???

The box and the Easton website both say this is right shaft for my bow settings. Shouldn't be overspined, but sure seems that way.

Anyone have input here? It doesn't seem to be effecting accuracy, at least out to 16 yards, with a 125 gr. Fieldpoint, 125 gr. Hell Razor and 125 gr. Muzzy BH. (We're trying those out now, that's why I mention them.)

I noticed that when I nock these arrows, the bottom Right vane contacts my Tension Lines, but I'm not sure that's the problem. I'm lost.
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