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Thanks T.

The Beman's I was using are 340 ICS Hunter's. They have never been cut, and I really think they are too heavy. Shortly after I posted this, I played around on the their website and confirmed that. I should be using the Max 4 - 400's.

The shafts I bought with the bow are Redhead Carbon Fury 4560's cut to 29". The paper test was never done with the Beman's, just the Carbon Fury's. They are true as true can get, even with the 125 gr Muzzy's.

Cheri was shooting my Carbon Fury shafts because the Carbon Supreme Lights she got seemed to fly strange. We were forever monkeying around with sights an peep placement, kissers, etc. All we were ever able to do was get close. We paper-tested, numbered, tracked, adjusted, paper-tested again, took it back to Basspro, did ALL of that all over again, got her a new sight, and all was well until recently. She started flying all over again.

Today though, we went back to the Supreme Lights, and with the 125 gr Muzzy, she's dead on. (And man do I hope it stays that way).

Next month we are going to buy some Beman Max 4's and this time I'm gonna read the friggin chart! The sad thing is that we have our son's Parker Bow to contend with after all of this is done. His will need the paper-test, the sight adjustment, the whole nine-yards.

I swear, I never thought there was this much to it. The shafts, the heads, the cams, the sights, the quiver, silencing, etc etc etc.

Good thing I have patience!
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