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Rick, what are the bemans rated at as far as BH weight? sounds like the BH's are the problems not the shafts if I'm reading you right. think you said the 100 grain BH's flew fine, but the 125's were bad? if thats the case, just get the 100 grain that you want and keep the bemans. think their rating system is 340 - 85 grain. 400 - 100 grain. 500 - 125 grain. and don't let the size fool you. shoot the 100 grains and they WILL go thru anything you shoot at the same as a 125 will. also, sure you have been told this already, but paper tune the bow. that will tell you if you have a spine problem or nock point problem. if ther paper tears up or down, spine problem. side to side, nock point trouble. let me know if you need more info on paper tuning. get you to a site that has an article on it. used it and now shooting tens consistently. FYI, shoot the beman MFX 400's with a 100 grain hellrazor 3 blade. also use the magnus stinger 4 blade in 100 grain.
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