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I would say well done! Good groups. If you're 20 yards aren't too far from that then you are ready to kill. You should also start working on your 30 and 40 yard shots also to increase your capabilities (if you're not already doing that). More than that, at 20 yards consistent groups like that would put money in your pocket on an archery league. Now that you have your grouping really closing in on you I would start shooting a 5-spot or you will end up with this...

My First Robin Hood5 081207.jpg My First Robin Hood6 081207.jpg
At 20 yards

It was cool when it happened but it cost me 20 bucks. After that I got smart and went to 5-spots. You are on the verge of having one of these. At the very least you better buy a bunch of nocks, vanes, and a fletching tool!

Keep shooting those tight groups. I have no bad critique for you.
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