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Default Bingo!!!!!

Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
Ummm... unless the altitude has gotten to my head here...

Monie... those are what we call "Rocky Mountain Oysters".

Gary... Can we get a gagging smilie?

I gotta go.....

Rick, right you are!!! I actually made a nice batch this past bow season from a couple deer I and my friends killed, when we got together at for dinner one evening I served them as an appetizer and didn't tell them what they were...they polished the dish off in seconds and wanted more..that's when I sprung the "News" to them....You should have seen their faces!! Funny as can be!! After the shock wore off they made me promise to "Harvest" any future Buck "Jewels" and freeze then till we have enough for a big chow-down!!! Hmmmm, I wonder if a Doe's ovaries can be done in a similar way??? LOL!!!! Wi-Doe-Maker
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