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Originally Posted by ACPOSSETIM View Post
here's some quotes from the FAQ section of the homepage, it should answer your questions

What is ‘The Posse’?
‘The Posse’ started out as some of our friends that liked to film their hunts like we do. We have added more people to ‘The Posse’ over the years. We currently have close to forty Posse members out there filming for our shows.
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What does it take to become part of ‘The Posse’?
First, you need to be able to film and then you need to be able to hunt. Second, you need to be able to put your ego aside. We have always been about promoting the sport and getting more people involved in it, not promoting individuals. Third, Contact Jody at She’ll send out a questionnaire for you to fill out and send back with some sample footage of what you have filmed as well as footage of you hunting. Do not send in master footage, as the tapes will not be returned.

Thanks ACPOSSETIM,I went through and read the FAQ ,that every thing I was wondering.

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