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Hey, welcome to the forum Firediver, JR!

For some reason I can't view the pics. I'll try again later. Where South of the Mason-Dixon Line do you live? I live near 1 hr SE of Dallas. This is a pic near my feeder. I hope to see some more good pics of ya.

Here is my feeder:
16Hogs Picture.jpg

Of course, the little masked bandits broke the spinner plate. My buddy's going to go put a new one on for me. The hogs also brok my 4x4 post that I keep my game camera on. In the next week or so I will be going back out to fill the feeder, and put the post and camera back up. My treestand is 17 yards from the feeder.

It'll be great having another guy here that as an addiction to hog huntin'.
Warm regards,


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