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bullmoose, but will they work any better? biggest complaint I had with the luminoks is that they didn't work all the time, almost 1 out of 3 in a pack didn't work, and they didn't last that long. found a new lighted nock that so far has not let me down. Archers Flame. have shot each nock over 100 times and they still light every time. even though one is getting a little less bright. when I shot my bear last year, it ran down to a small creek. the arrow came out of it and was in the bottom of the creek.(3"'s deep)and the guide saw it while he was tracking at night. also watched and recovered the little deer I shot this year because of the lighted nock. not saying that luminoks are no good, but after reading some of the replies at bass pro and cabelas, decided to find something new and glad I did. for anyone who wants to check them out, go to:
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