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Default Pictures from Alaska

Here are some misc. photos of my 2000 Alaska trip. This was before I owned a digital camera so I apologize for the quality.

The first picture is of the "road". The road that we took deep into the area and the road I was referring to that we had to hike to when the Argo broke down.

This is Kurt and Jimmie as we prepare to make our way towards the base of the mountain at the top left of the photo.....

This is a picture I took about an hour before we had to make the spike camp on the evening before the Argo broke down.

This is my favorite photo from the trip. This picture was taken shortly after we set up camp at the new spot. It was this view that made the entire trip worth it!!!!! (FYI....I spotted the moose I shot in the large open field on the left side of the valley)

Here is a picture of the "ice blue".....and "ice cold" Moose Creek that Kurt fell in. The area we had to cross was over our knees and the current was STRONG.

A younger version of me with my first and only moose.........
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