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Originally Posted by cpd realpolice View Post
People eat those things! Maybe they can come here and hunt the alleys. Fill there freezer with jumbo rats.
Yes I do eat them and yes they are rodents. I also eat tree rats [squirrel] which is also a rodent. They are bought delicious. I was born and raised in South Louisiana they are a big problem. It was a big fur industry in the 1940's to 1970's then the price for nutria pelts hint bottom. A friend of mine in 1969 built a very nice 3 bedroom brick home payed cash by trapping nutria now you can shoot them instead of traps they also sell the meat for dog food and food for gator farms.My great grandfather made a good living hunting and trapping and guiding duck hunters and fishing I know I have his genes. If that time comes I will not starve I eat nutria.
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