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Default I have a big list...

The one moment that stands out is when I put a stand 25' up in a tree and used a dead 4" diameter limb in the tree as my last step.

I had stepped on that limb several times and it was early one morning when that limb decided to break. I fell 25' straight down....landing on my feet but quickly crumbling into a ball which knocked all of the wind out of me. About 1 second later my bow landed on my head.

I was lucky to end up with only a bump on the head because I was quite a distance from my truck and wouldn't have been missed until well after dark.

From that day on.....I always carry a cell phone with me and make a point to let the wife know when to expect me home.

Oh yeah.....I've taken dead limbs off my list of items to stand on in a tree
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