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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
I hope you guys are talking about the video and not something on the TV shows... I haven't been able to watch the shows. We did however purchase the Moose Mania Video, and the following comments are directed there:

I loved the comments prior to that shot between Ralph and Vicki.

"I'm just trying to make the most of your money." She says. I looked at Cheri the same way Ralph looked at Vicki.

Second... A gentleman I assume is their guide takes a long shot at a moose and DRILLS him in the rack... Right in front of Ralph. I laughed my bootie off... (believe me that was a lot of laughing). Not so much because the shot missed the mark, but because here's this big ol moose trotting off with a shaft at what looks like a perfect 90' angle to his body. He then stops and turns back like he's thinking "Man that was close... hey what's this sticking out of my head?" Then Ralph plants a Beman deep from about 20 yards.

The whole set up is comical.

If I missed my mark here, and it's the TV shows... forgive the intrusion.

For those that have yet to puchase the video... do it. I learned A TON!

I also learned a new use for a boat oar!
Sorry we are talking TV. Now I don't have the videos and you're making want the videos.
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