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Day 3 cont'd.......

We loaded our packs up with all of the important stuff...leaving mostly food and camping supplies...and headed back to the truck. We had a 9+ mile hike ahead of us so we didn't want to waste any time.

I can't speak for the other guys...but my pack was so HEAVY!!!! It was going to be a long afternoon. It got worse every time we came to a swamp. I wanted so bad to keep my boots dry but it didn't take long before I sank waste deep into a nasty mud hole. I would still be there today if my friends were there to pull me out. That mud sure is sticky up there.

During our 10 hour trek back to the truck, we had to cross several swamps and even wade across a large beaver pond that was chest deep....all while holding our packs and rifles above our heads.

It was around the time that it started to get dark when we could start hearing vehicle traffic. We new we were getting close to the road.....not close enough. Sound was really carrying up there because it still took us 2 hours to reach the road.

Once on the road, the pain in my "bad" knees was almost too much to take.....and we weren't to the truck yet. We still had to figure out which way to go now that we were on the road.

Well, we guessed right, and as a bonus...a truck came along and gave us a ride to our truck. We ended up only being about a half mile from the truck so our navigation from the Argo wasn't all that bad. (We couldn't follow the same direction back to the road because we had crossed a few creeks and ponds in the Argo on the way in and chose to avoid them)

Once at the truck we decided to drive to a small town for a hot shower, even hotter meal and a warm bed.


Day 4 (I'll keep this one short) Since the Argo was broke down deep in the bush, we decided to at least hike back in and retrieve everything from the trailer. (Just what I need....another 2 mile hike)

While making our way to the trailer, I spotted a gorgeous wolf. As I watched him through my scope I reminded the friend's bro-in-law that he was the one that told me not to waste the $35 on a wolf tag because I would not see one

Anyway, we get the gear from the trailer and start our 4+ hour drive back to Wasilla.

(See.....that was short)

Day 5 was spent regrouping and trying to figure out how to salvage a hunt.

Day 6 found us climbing up into the mountains near Palmer. The friend's bro-in-law had killed a HUGE Dahl sheep in this area the year before and he said this would be our only option.

The higher we climbed the more bummed I got because the area was nothing like the areas that I've seen moose hunts in before. After 4 hours of climbing uphill in the rain, we finally made it to a spot to camp.

We were in a bowl on a high ridge but I couldn't see much around us. As were were getting the tent set up I look to my left and spotted a moose. That was the best medicine and I was now feeling much better. I climbed up out of the bowl to get a better look and was shocked at the scenery!!!! All I can say is God's Country. I found myself looking off as far as I could see with giant rocky peaks on either side of us and an ice blue creek rushing by in the green valley below. WOWZA!!!! My description does not do it justice. I'll post a pic if I can find one.

We got camp set up and were sitting around a fire eating some supper when a huge bear ran by us about 300 yards up on the next ridge over. Things were looking good and we hit the rack early so we would be fresh for the next morning.

Day 7....cont'd
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