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Talking What Happens in the Duck Marsh Stays in the Duck Marsh - Share Funny Stories

The first season I duck hunted, actually the 2nd time I'd ever duck hunted, we headed out to a public WMA Duck March developed by Ducks Unlimited that is near my house to duckhunt. We had my buddy's retriever, Daisy, in the back of the truck. We stopped to let some deer run across the road as we were entering the marsh area. We continued on to the Southern edge of the marsh then did our usual hike out to his favorite spot in the marsh to set up (Since I was the rookie I got to carry the decoy bag). We started into the marsh when my buddy says, "Have you seen Daisy?" I said, "No, I thought you had her." We realized that she must have jumped out of the truck when we stopped for the deer thinking we were parking. He helped me dispatch the decoys, set up the Mojo duck, and get set up. He was gone for a couple of hours. I had only shot one duck but couldn't retrieve it cuz the water was too deep. He came back and told me he couldn't find her. She was gone. He asked me if I shot anything. I told him I had. I had shot one duck but that I couldn't find it. Then I asked, "Hey, when's goose season?" He replied, "Right now. Why?" I said, "Because while you were gone I counted over 50 snow geese before I stopped counting that flew not more than 100 feet over me in a big group. I didn't hear anyone else take a shot so I didn't shoot." He nearly passed out!

Now, the area of the marsh was deeper than we expected. We shot a total of 8 ducks out of our max of 10 but were only to retrieve the last one because Daisy wasn't there to retrieve, the water was too deep, and when we walked around the marsh to the other side to get the ducks they were gone...nowhere to be found. We both agreed we suck at retrieving. As he was shooting the 8th duck his wife called. He answered, said hold on, set his phone down, blasted a Pintail drake out of the sky, picked his phone back up and said hello (It was pretty cool to witness - He was a pretty cool guy though). She told him some hunters called her cuz their phone number was on Daisy's tag. She game instructions to meet them at noon at the front gate to the WMA. He left, leaving me to clean up all the decoys, etc. which, once again was okay cuz I was the rookie (the rookie that let 50+ geese buzz the tower as he put it). I got everything out and back over to where he was picking me up (finally). Conveniently, he returned at the end of my last trip with our gear with Daisy in the bed of the truck. I asked where she'd been. He said, "She was with some other hunters all morning. They were using her to retrieve their ducks all morning and didn't want to give her up til' they were done hunting." That was a good laugh!
RIP Daisy, I miss you.

The very 1st time I duckhunted (with the same guy - we ended up best buddies and duckhunted every Saturday morning together) he forgot to tell me to keep my feet moving in the marsh to keep them from getting stuck in the mud. I hurriedly stood with my heels stuck in the mud (off balance a little) and shot. I quickly found myself butt-first in the water. Then the next shot I took sitting down. this time butt and chair were in the water. I finally got the hang of it.

Got more but don't want to hog the thread (no pun intended).
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