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Pierre Tessier 04-28-2008 02:32 PM

Camera and accesories
Hey guys!

I am new here, it is actually my very first post. I am looking for info on what cameras you guys are using and what accesories you have with it?

I currently own a Sony HDV HDR-FX1 and am uncertain about sound and sound quality when recording. Do you use wireless mics, or a simple shotgun?

We are looking to buy another one but this time a Canon Xl2 because it seems better for plugging different microphones at the same time, though the image quality seems a tad bit less interesting than the Sony.

I really like your forum and hope you can help me with some input!

ACPOSSETIM 04-28-2008 08:31 PM

I use a sony HVR-Z1U with the factory sony shotgun mic, and sony wireless mics. I'm saving up for sennheiser wireless mics though. The Z1U is the bigger brother to your FX1 it has the XLR inputs. We try to use wireless mics whenever possible, it makes for much better audio. I think R+V are using the newer Sony HD's but I'm not sure on the model # they have an upgraded optical zoom 20x I think. I'm not real familiar w/ the canon line sorry:(

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