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musky_xl 04-21-2008 07:48 PM

anyone heard from Eagle Chickie?
havent seen her on here for awhile and i know shes going thru a tough time...hopefully she is doing alright.

Colorado Rick 04-21-2008 10:26 PM

She had started a post a while back saying it was gonna be a bit before she popped back in. To my knowlege, nothing since then.

timba 04-22-2008 09:01 AM

ya I haven't seen her around in awhile either.


Cherokeechass 04-23-2008 11:58 AM

She replied on 3/31 to a PM I sent her. I know that she is busy at work and she said in a few weeks they were going to look for a new puppy but I have not heard from her since then. I hope she is doing OK.

Monie 04-23-2008 01:23 PM

Speaking of not seeing people, where ya been Chass??

Eagle Chickie 04-23-2008 07:40 PM

Thanks for all the concern!!
It's been over a month since dad passed slowly I'm putting the pieces together an moving along.
My office building is up an running with a couple of tenants. We have a new pup chewing on everything in the house,why do they always go for the Coach brand bags and shoes first? I have two large trials coming to closing arguments within the next few days. And the mare is about to things in general are moving right along!!
Best to keep the nose to the grindstone when we hit a bump in the road.
againd...thanks to all for your messages an prayers. EC:p

Colorado Rick 04-23-2008 09:20 PM

Hang in there! We're all pullin for ya!

Cherokeechass 04-24-2008 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by Monie (Post 11223)
Speaking of not seeing people, where ya been Chass??

It's been pretty busy at work and I don't have a computer at home. That is a good thing though-I'd never get anything done.

Colorado Rick 09-02-2008 02:21 PM

I was ummm... researching again... (you'll see) and I found this.

Nothing from her since May.

Hey Chickie... if you're out there... pop in! Let us know...

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