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Colorado Rick 04-20-2008 02:46 PM

What an educational weekend
So yesterday we mosied on over to our Sporting Club. Weather was AWESOME. Mid 70's. Beautiful day. The only bad thing was we just couldn't get the winds to lighten up. I did my no wind dance. Nothin... :mad:

Well... you can't control Mother Nature. :rolleyes:

Anyways... We got really good exposure to shooting with wind. Invaluable if you know anything about spring and fall in Colorado. After an hour of shooting, we decided to go look for broadheads. After perusing the selection at the local Sportman's, we picked up 1 pack of 125 gr Muzzy heads each. Holy moses these things are sharp. I felt like I was moving like a bomb technician as I was building them in the parking lot.

We got home, and the UFC fight was starting, so we just relaxed until then.

Today we got up and lazed around some more, then got down to business. We really wanted to test these boogers out and see them in action. We put the practice blades in, and leveled off.....:) I can't begin to explain the dissapointment.:(

Cheri was low and right, I was low and left. We exhanged the practice heads for the real deal. Again... utter disappointment. :(

I shot another one... again... low and left. Now, I'm not meaning that we were 1/8 of an inch off center. We were 4 inches down and 6 inches left for me and 6 inches right for her. Way off. Oh God... where are those Paxils?

Well then I grabbed one fo the 100 gr heads we bought a few weeks ago. Dinky little things... I have no faith in them at all. But my shot was dead center. Dead. So Cheri get's to thinking here. She quickly grab's one of her supreme light shafts and puts on the 100 gr. head. Flyer... way off. She grabs another supreme light and slips on the 125 gr. Muzzy. DEAD Center. Dead. So she pulls another supreme light shaft and puts on the Muzzy with practice blades. Dead center. Hmmm..

Well Cheri will get to use the shafts she bought with her bow! Yay for her. I got problems. These uncut Beman's, the pride of my short bow career here, aren't gonna work, and I don't want to spend the money on 100gr Muzzy's, when I know the shafts are the problem.

Luckily, my original Carbon Fury shafts were still intact, so I slipped one of my 125 gr. Muzzy's on and noc'd it. Bang-a-rang! Dead on. I tried another, BANG!

So... all that to get to this:

I was under the impression that a stiffer spine was all we needed, that's why Cheri was shooting my shafts and I went with the Beman's. Well that was fine when all we were shooting was 100gr field points. Yeah we had a few flyers here and there, but I attributed that to shake or arrow differences. DUH...

Cheri has been kinda wild up until now, and I guess we'll have to see how her groups lay out, but I think we've learned a ton of stuff this weekend.

Anyone have any input here? Overspined???

It sucks that I will be retiring the Beman's, but... they shouldn't be shot from my bow, and mine is the biggest one here so... bummer.

TLC 04-20-2008 08:18 PM

Rick, what are the bemans rated at as far as BH weight? sounds like the BH's are the problems not the shafts if I'm reading you right. think you said the 100 grain BH's flew fine, but the 125's were bad? if thats the case, just get the 100 grain that you want and keep the bemans. think their rating system is 340 - 85 grain. 400 - 100 grain. 500 - 125 grain. and don't let the size fool you. shoot the 100 grains and they WILL go thru anything you shoot at the same as a 125 will. also, sure you have been told this already, but paper tune the bow. that will tell you if you have a spine problem or nock point problem. if ther paper tears up or down, spine problem. side to side, nock point trouble. let me know if you need more info on paper tuning. get you to a site that has an article on it. used it and now shooting tens consistently. FYI, shoot the beman MFX 400's with a 100 grain hellrazor 3 blade. also use the magnus stinger 4 blade in 100 grain.

Colorado Rick 04-20-2008 08:35 PM

Thanks T.

The Beman's I was using are 340 ICS Hunter's. They have never been cut, and I really think they are too heavy. Shortly after I posted this, I played around on the their website and confirmed that. I should be using the Max 4 - 400's.

The shafts I bought with the bow are Redhead Carbon Fury 4560's cut to 29". The paper test was never done with the Beman's, just the Carbon Fury's. They are true as true can get, even with the 125 gr Muzzy's.

Cheri was shooting my Carbon Fury shafts because the Carbon Supreme Lights she got seemed to fly strange. We were forever monkeying around with sights an peep placement, kissers, etc. All we were ever able to do was get close. We paper-tested, numbered, tracked, adjusted, paper-tested again, took it back to Basspro, did ALL of that all over again, got her a new sight, and all was well until recently. She started flying all over again.

Today though, we went back to the Supreme Lights, and with the 125 gr Muzzy, she's dead on. (And man do I hope it stays that way).

Next month we are going to buy some Beman Max 4's and this time I'm gonna read the friggin chart! The sad thing is that we have our son's Parker Bow to contend with after all of this is done. His will need the paper-test, the sight adjustment, the whole nine-yards.

I swear, I never thought there was this much to it. The shafts, the heads, the cams, the sights, the quiver, silencing, etc etc etc.

Good thing I have patience!

TLC 04-20-2008 09:58 PM

just remember KISS. keep it simple stupid. best advice I ever got when it comes to bow usage. find an arrow you like and stay with it. then monkey with the BH's. do not be afraid of the 100 grain heads as they have all the knockdown and cutting power you need for anything in this country. used mine on bear last year, and will do it again this year. and when it comes time for the boys set up, you'll know what you are doing.:D

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