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firediver 04-13-2008 06:36 AM

Alaska....the week after
I got a few PM's asking a few questions about the trip so I will add this follow-up.

After Kurt and I were back home in Illinois, Jimmie and his brother were faced with the problem of having their expensive Argo about 10 mile deep into the bush.

To make a long story short (we've heard that before;)), while Jimmie took his 4-wheeler to retrieve the Argo trailer and gear, Jimmie's brother hired a float plane to drop him off on a lake approx. 1 mile from the Argo. From Jimmie's directions, the were able to do a fly-over to locate the Argo before he was dropped off at the lake.

His bro took enough equipment to fix what he felt was the problem. The plane left and he was on his own to find, fix, and return to the main road.

All went well and the Argo was back home after a LONG day of flying, hiking, wrenching, etc.

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