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Colorado Rick 04-03-2008 08:14 PM

Think I got that "Wild Hare" thing fixed
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Kinda liked the pattern, so I figured I'd see what the pro's have to say.

Critique away. I'm a big boy... I can take it.

10 yards across the basement. Weather is NUTS here today. Fog at 6 am, drizzle at 8, sunshine and 45's at noon, big ol snow flakes at 5, and partly cloudy now at 7.

Gotta love Colorado!

Great White Hunter 04-18-2008 04:37 PM

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I would say well done!:D Good groups. If you're 20 yards aren't too far from that then you are ready to kill. You should also start working on your 30 and 40 yard shots also to increase your capabilities (if you're not already doing that). More than that, at 20 yards consistent groups like that would put money in your pocket on an archery league.:D Now that you have your grouping really closing in on you I would start shooting a 5-spot or you will end up with this...

Attachment 498 Attachment 499
At 20 yards

It was cool when it happened but it cost me 20 bucks. After that I got smart and went to 5-spots. You are on the verge of having one of these. At the very least you better buy a bunch of nocks, vanes, and a fletching tool!:D:eek:

Keep shooting those tight groups. I have no bad critique for you.:D

Monie 04-18-2008 08:52 PM

Yep, definitely go to a 5 spot. Robin Hoods get pricey!

Like GWH said, practice out to 30 and 40 yards when you can. Your 10 and 20 yard shot will seem like a piece of cake.

One thing that may also help is shoot one arrow and make it count; just as if you were shoot at an animal. More often than not, you get only one shot, unless you're Vicki, and that first shot has got to do it's job.

Antoher thing, don't just shoot for the inside of the ring. Stick a golf T in the center of the ring and shoot for that. Concentrate on that itsy bitsy spot and not the ring in general. You'll find your groups will really start to shrink when you shoot for a specific spot, and not just a general target.

Great White Hunter 04-19-2008 11:21 AM

Sometimes I'll take a keyring and put wrap orange sticker around the metal. Then I'll hang it infront of my target with a golf T or target pin and fishing line. Then I try to shoot inside the key ring at 20 yards. Really helps you focus on your sight picture.

Colorado Rick 04-19-2008 05:33 PM

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Oh yeah... You don't have to tell me about the Robin Hoods. First night home with my bow and BRAND NEW SHAFTS. Cheri says "Babe... that didn't sound right."

"WOW!! I got a Robin Hood!" then I said... "Crap! I just wasted a shaft!"


The funny thing was the guy at BassPro was rooting for me to get one once we had the bow set up. Wish I had done it with one of their shafts now!

Thanks for the info. I posted a link on Monie's "Went to the range thread". This is what we are shooting now.

HUGE Difference!! HUGE! Mainly in my ego... but hey... what can you do... just pratice more!

You 2 rock!

Great White Hunter 04-21-2008 06:12 PM


Yeah it's funny. You spend all your time trying to get one, then all your time trying to avoid another!:eek::D

Monie 04-24-2008 09:21 AM

lol...yep. That's pretty much it! :D

Colorado Rick 04-24-2008 12:52 PM

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Ok... so we tried out the Keyring thing.

Cheri nailed the first shot at 8 yards in the basement.... then missed every one since. HA!! Gotta giggle outta that! Now I see where Ralph and Vicki are coming from. You can't help it.

Anyways... Now I'm up.

Dropped the Beman 340's and picked up the Redhead shafts with 100 grain field point. That sucker is mine!

miss.............. :o


miss............... :(


MISS............ :mad:

Ok!! What the heck!

Now I'm peaved.

I pull a shaft out and take off the 100 gr field point and replace it with a new 125 gr Muzzy loaded with practice blades.

We were shooting the layered foam target. Nice red background with that silver from the keyring glowing pretty!

BANG!! :eek:

HOLY MOSES!!! I said and went running. I nailed it dead center! WOOT!! :D

Aw CRAP!! The span on the blades was too large to fit through the ring and it DROVE that ring about 8 inches into the center of the target!

Oh man did Cheri laugh! Cale (stepson) was there too as my spotter and he was laughin hard!

I got the Muzzy out and started to dig the ring out. I finally got it out, but now we have a decent chunk gone from the center of our layered foam target! I'm snickering as I write this because this...

Well this IS me! To a tee! Go big because an inanimate object is kicking my butt! GO EGO-BOY!!!

Anyway... here is the picture. The Muzzy blades are destroyed, as is the ring, and I now have a much better appreciation from the 88.9 KE my bow and shafts are capable of reaching. Whew!

BTW we are shooting a rubber diaphragm I pulled out of an old vaccuum cleaner that is just about the same circumference. And we're shooting at 16 yards. Nailed 3 in a row yesterday! WOOT!!

Monie 04-24-2008 03:10 PM're too much, Rick!

Another fun thing you can try is shoot at a suspended, plastic bottle cap. To do this we usually tie a piece of string to an arrow, shove it in the target and tie the other end to the bottle cap. Make sure to punch a hole in the cap. ;)

Once you have that down, add a box fan. Point the fan at the suspended cap and let 'er rip! :D

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