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Archer's Choice first tv show
I only caught the second half of the show and saw Ralph take his moose with Russ. I was hunting with MacMillan River Adventures that same time. The next hunt showed Les take his moose. Les was my guide and I actually was the one who filmed that kill. Les filmed my moose (61") a day earlier. I was wondering if my kill was on the first half of the show that I missed! I know Vickie's kill was to be continued and that Richard Welch's kill will be on that show too. Joel actually brought him up to or camp, and Joel and Les got him that bull below our camp.We had to paddle the canoe through the ice the next morning to retreive the meat. We got some awesome footage of Bull Moose making rut pits right in front of Les and I not 10 yards away. We also got two bulls fighting on film. We were thick with Moose the whole hunt.
My bull Les called in from 200 yards. He came in blowing steam from his nose. I shot him at thirty yards broadside. He only went 40 yards and fell.Rod is a great outfitter and will always go the extra mile for you. Hope I made the show!

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