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Bow Drawn 03-17-2008 01:46 PM

Hunting Nanuq
Woman bow hunters always seem to catch my attention. I guess I'm fascinated by bowhunters in general, top that off with a woman hunting and even more so with a bow you've captured my interest. This brings me to a polar bear bow hunt by a woman I just watched. It's the first woman to achieve this difficult hunt with bow and arrow. I bought and watched the video DVD made by Michele Leqve of her polar bear hunt. It is narrated by Michele and filmed by her husband and it done very professionally. The adventure starts well before the hunt and like most hunts they live on through time and memory only this one is on DVD. Amazingly to me are some of the facts surrounding this hunt and of polar bears in general. After watching it I'd recommend watching this for the knowledge shared by Michele on "Hunting Nanuq". Oh yea dress warm for it or watch it on very warm day. here's where to find it for your collection

Hoosier Huntress 03-17-2008 02:50 PM

Michelle and Jim did a great job on this video. It looks great, Michelle is a great bowhunter and great gal to be around. She did every female bowhunter proud at nanuq

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