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HurricaneCreek 02-16-2008 12:19 PM

I just got back from my 2nd hog hunt...4 days in OK...and I am still hogless :mad: :( :mad: :( Last time I greatly underestimated these ugly, ugly critters so I figured this time I would get one for sure. Neeless to say, I flubbed both opportunities. First time I had a good boar under the feeder with several other hogs. I waited for a decent shot and when I let go, my broadhead just nicked the edge of the feeder leg sending it well clear of the boar. Dang the luck :mad: (Or maybe I just need more practice :rolleyes:) The only other shot I took was during the last minutes of the last day at a small hog which I hit high. It was a pass thru but didn't even leave a blood trail. I hated that, as I am not one for wounding. I had a great time though, good group of fellows I hunted with and I didn't have to be at work ;) If anything, I am more determined than ever to get a hog....surely I can't get skunked three times in a row :rolleyes:

White Falcon 02-16-2008 03:15 PM

Just keep trying, it will happen !!

Monie 02-16-2008 06:52 PM

You go girl! You get that hog! Third time's the charm! :D

Great White Hunter 02-16-2008 08:15 PM

You probably killed him. As I stated in another post they don't bleed out a lot of times. Their fat seals up the wound very quickly. Switch to slick trick broadheads and it may bleed better. They bleed to the inside. Usually I'm following VERY sparse blood trails to a dead hog. That's another reason they're so tough. You need to try Texas. We have more than anywhere else in the country. Check out my hog outfitter post. I posted another area that is pretty darn affordable. Sorry for the bad luck but don't give up and consider a dog to track next time you get a pass through. It wouldn't surprise me if you fed some buzzards. The lack of bleeding is downright frustrating! BTW - congrats on the pass through. You'll get one down you can find. Persistence is everything.;)

HuntnMa 02-18-2008 04:19 AM

sorry to hear about your least you had a chance to get out there.....

bullmoose38 02-18-2008 06:30 AM

Keep at it you will get one. Your boar hunting sounds like my bear hunting luck.:eek::)

nhbowhunter21 02-18-2008 08:07 AM

They say the third time is a charm. Keep a stiff upper lip and don't let it get you down. I'm sure that with patience and persistance you'll bring one down soon. Best of luck. :)

bowing4bulls 02-28-2008 03:12 PM

Just keep thinking, "it will happen it will happen"

HurricaneCreek 02-28-2008 04:58 PM

By Golly it WILL happen :D thanks for all the comments :)

Greywolf 03-03-2008 08:10 PM

There's a large fist area above the lungs, where there is nothing vital just muscle, if you make it through the shield. A hit in the spine would of dropped him in his tracks.
They are tough little tanks with hair.

We took 53 hogs last yr. We hit and didn't recover only 3 hogs(that night) two of the hogs were shot as far as 3 weeks later, showing no sign of being hit at all. Except the broadhead buried in the shoulder and the other was under the shield on the other side after passing right through the "No Mans land" area I described. the other sees a human and runs like the wind:eek:

It's almost impossible to shoot too low on a hog, it's above the breast bone and in the armpit it's a kill ! or below the breast bone which is a miss completely.

Hogs need a good strong cut on contact broadhead that has a good edge on it. Hogs hair will dull the best knife with one pass across it's hair.

I've taken 7 hogs this yr, smallest was #85, largest was #163(rest was 120-150 range) But they don't get much size to them here. But we sure have a bunch running around.

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