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toxophilite 07-17-2012 06:58 PM

spitfire question
thinking of getting new broadheads this year, i've always used fixed blade but i'm looking for mechanical and would like to still shoot 3blade but seems like they are all 100gr. can i get 3blade spitfires at 125gr. i know its not much differance in weight but i just can't get the 100gr to fly well. i can afford new broadheads or new arrows but not both, at least not this season so i have to stick with 125gr heads if i can find them or just stay with the muzzy's :confused:

Bow Drawn 07-18-2012 04:23 PM

They list the 125 gr Spitfire and that's a good broadhead.

toxophilite 07-18-2012 11:13 PM

thanks that looks great and they offer practice blades, i'm placing an order thruogh cabela's first thing tomorrow:cool:

firediver 08-13-2012 08:34 AM

I shot fixed blade heads for 20+ years and finally switched to mechanicals in 2010....Spitfire Maxx 100gr. Since then, every deer I've shot or filmed getting shot tipped over on camera!!!!

Huge blood trails and short tracking jobs!!!!! You can't go wrong with a spitfire!!!!

toxophilite 08-20-2012 10:57 PM

spite fires
well i now have 6 spite fire 125gr broadheads, so i also got a set of practice blades and they fly the same as my fieldpoints but evenually i had to let the real thing fly a few times to satisfy my lingering doubts and it turns out they fly the same also! so if you have good arrow flight just screw them in and your new broadheads are ready :cool:

Bow Drawn 08-21-2012 12:41 PM

I read this post above and got curious and bought a 3 pack of the Maxx 125 Spitfires. Plus I got a three pack of the new 2 bladed 2" Killzone by NAP. I haven't shot them yet and they do include a practice head with the Killzone. I usually shoot a G5 Striker 125 and once tuned they hit on with the FT. This year I'll carry both types in my quiver.

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