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AARON WHITT 08-13-2011 03:57 PM

hi guys, dont want to sound dumb, but could someone please tell me what a pinchpoint is and is it like a funnel. thanks

firediver 08-14-2011 07:26 AM

Ahhh......the 'ol pinch point!!!! My favorite spot to hunt!!!

A pinch point is anywhere the deer's travel corridor is narrowed...concentrating them.

1. a narrow strip of timber joining two large pieces of timber. (just like if we are shopping. We can pretty much walk freely inside the grocery store and in the parking lot....but we are "PINCHED" down getting from one to the other...through the front doors)

2. drastic changes in terrain....such as a ridge with steep sides....or maybe a river, rock wall, etc. Even a big fallen tree can create a pinch point....and there is nothing stopping you from creating one yourself. Even an open gate can be a pinch point.

Take a 5-acre piece of timber surrounded by open fields. Deer will be concentrated in the woods but can roam around freely....making it tough to find the right tree to hang a stand. Now plop a big pond right in the middle of the woods. If deer are gonna' make their way from one side of the woods to the other....they have two choices, get wet...or walk around. The pinch points are where the travel corridor inside the timber is narrowed....."PINCHED" between the field edges and the edge of the pond.

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