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Rick Teal 03-22-2011 06:37 PM

Bass Pro - Big Buck Event
I was a measurer at the big buck event that Bass Pro holds in conjunction with its spring fishing and boating event. It was held this past weekend at their Vaughan Mills (Toronto) store.

I had the honour of officially measuring Big Bux! Quite the deer! For those of you not from Ontario, this buck has been photographed and pictures published in magazines and posted on the Web for the past 6 or 7 years. He's been described as Ontario's most famous deer.

He just missed the B&C book as a non-typical, but he was so scary big I could see myself getting weak in the knees if I'd had him in front of me during the season. If I remember correctly he was taken with a crossbow - quite the feat.

Some of the other guys got to measure the sheds. I wonder if anyone tried to extrapolate his scores in previous years. It would be an interesting exercise (are you listening "Ontario Monster Whitetails"?).

We had many deer that qualified for the B&C Awards Period book, and at least a few that made the all-time book. Two Non-typicals at 206+ and 197+ just topped Big Bux and another near qualifier. I saw 2 170+ typicals, as well as a 167+ buck that I thought had it made until I totalled the score.

One Nova Scotia moose just missed B&C, but had so many points that were just under the B&C standard that if only some of them qualified he'd have scored over 200.

A palmated buck was submitted, and was so odd looking, that when I first saw it, I thought someone had brought in a fallow deer for us to score.

The Beasley boys (Canada in the Rough TV Show) were kept busy running between our event and the Toronto Sportsman's Show, but when they all got together they found the time to sign autographs for some of the next generation hunters who were there. Kudos guys!

If I can locate and get permission, I'll post a picture of Big Bux.

Rick Teal 03-25-2011 06:48 PM

Here's a picture of Big Bux taken a few days before he was shot.

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