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dagwood 03-15-2011 10:43 AM

illinois dnr
what is your view on cwd. Im glad they gave us an extra season, but in a cwd county along with shot gun season you have check in stations. Well this last season there was not a check in, it was call in. if there so worried about it why did dnr not check. I know that there are cut backs in all parts of government, but why are they able to put up stands in places they have permission or are owned by the state and put bate piles out shot at night and use rifles, not to mention they use a helocopter to drive deer out of where they cant hunt. This is all after hunting season is over for us true hunters. Im in dekalb co. they do this every year and the number of deer you see is les and les every year. I herd that insurance companies donate to the cause.

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