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Great White Hunter 03-07-2011 07:56 PM

2009 Mathews DXT PACKAGE! 27/70
2009 Mathews DXT PACKAGE

Get into a Premium bow package for less than an entry level bow with these types of accessories!

70# 27-inch draw + 1/2" D-loop = 27 1/2" Total draw.

TruGlo Tru-Site Super Slam 5-pin Camo sight with TruGlo Ultimate Rheostat Sight Light

Ripcord Arrow Rest

Apex MQX-Nano 7-Arrow Quiver in Lost Camo with magnetic Quick X Connect

RedHawk Peep Sight

ProString Premium Custom String in "Lost Camo"
Extra set of (original) Zebra String/Cable with less than 1 dz arrows put through them.

Here is original pricing:
Mathews DXT = $859.00
Super Slam Sight = 129.99
Apex MQX-Nano Quiver = 74.99
Ripcord Arrow Rest = 109.99
RedHawk Peep Sight = 19.99
3-Pack of 125gr Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads = 39.99
Extra Zebra String/Cable = 69.99
TOTAL OF SETUP IN 2009 = $1,303.94

SAVE OVER $700 off of retail!!!

PRICES are $475 for bare bow
$525 for bow with the sight, quiver and peep sight
$600 for bow package (NOT including my arrows or the light system)

$25 for shipping.

Prices are firm and I cannot take trades - Sorry!

Shipping to lower 48 states only. PAYPAL ONLY.


The upgrated Camo TruGlo Super Slam Sight and Apex Lost Camo quiver installed about 6 months ago so the profile pics don't show them but the accessory photos show the correct accessories and the photo of me and the hog show the bow in its current state with the new sight and quiver.

PM ME or E-mail me at

Not your draw length? You can find cams on Ebay for a great price. Cams were running about $45 last I checked.

This is a fast, quiet, great bow! Great kinetic energy!

IBO RatingUp to 326 fps
Brace Height7"
Draw Weight 70 lbs
Bow Weight 3.75 lbs
Let-off 80%
" Draw Lengths24" - 30" Half Sizes24.5" - 29.5"
String/Cable Length = Zebra Barracuda String 86 1/4" Cable 32 1/4"


Here are the pics:

The bow before changing out to the camo Super Slam Site and MQX-Nano QUiver

The site on the bow

The quiver on the bow

The arrow rest on the bow

Me with the bow, notice the bow does have the new camo SuperSlam Sight and MQX-Nano 7-Arrow Quiver in this photo

Great White Hunter 03-10-2011 11:15 PM

This bow is SOLD!:)

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