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craig 11-14-2010 08:51 PM

2010 fall turkey
Tues. Oct. 12
Well after a frustrating evening opening day having deer all over me and a nice buck at 25 yrds and here I sat with a gauge in my hands and nothing I can do about it. I seen one turkey that evening just before fly up and got out of there.

Oct. 14
Thurs went back out after work, but decided on the x-bow this time and didn't see any birds but got busted by a buck at 5 yrds after he seen me turn my head, bolted to about 27 yrds and stood there broad side but I couldn't get turned on him. Put his head behind a tree, I turned and snapped a branch while I was at it and he was gone. OH WELL!

Oct. 16
Saturday AM I decide to hit the woods with the scattergun again to try my luck. Got in to where they usually travel through on this property and picked my tree and waited. Everything was quiet for the first 40 mins of light and then I heard my first yelp. I called back and 5 mins later the birds started to pitch from the tree's and were landing too my right, left, behind and in front. I waited afew mins and then up I get and sent the birds in every direction.
I waited 15 mins and started with the kee kee's and yelps and got my first answer 20 mins later and the birds slowly started to move back in to regroup. I picked my bird at close to 40 yrds and let the 3 1/2" #6 Federal Flight Control fly and it hit its mark and my bird was down.

9 3/4 lbs

HuntnMa 03-14-2011 04:58 AM

better late than never with my congrats !!!

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