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ChrisCarr 07-16-2010 01:28 PM

Looking for outfitter with combo options....
My Dad will be 71 this August, and he is the one that involved me in the outdoors especially hunting when I was young. We have hunted together for over 25 years (I am 38 now) and finally took our first outfitted hunt back in 2008 where we both took really nice black bears in Canada.

We have property that has been my Dad's dream that is getting to much for him to take care of not only financailly, but time and work. He had cancer and missed a lot of work and went through all of his savings and is now behind on the bills. It is difficult for me with 2 kids (3rd on the way) to get up there and help all that often. He is going to sell it b/c as retired $$$$ goes it is getting to be too much.

He told me that if he sells it and we loose our hunting spot, he would use the money for both of us to go on another paid hunt. This is where the help comes in......

We would be interested in some kind of combo hunt (i.e. moose, caribou, bear, deer, etc.....) with guns. My Dad has never been much into the archery, but I do hunt with a bow. Since he is going on 71, something like a mt. goat hunt would not be a really good option. He is in decent shape for 71, but I would have to drag him up the mountains. I thouhgt I saw one of the outfitters used or that was no the site had a moose, caribou, and bear deal.

Any suggestions???????

Below is my Dad and I with a turkey I took on the property.....

ACM_Ralph 08-21-2010 08:14 AM

Chris...what an awesome thing to share with your Dad. Hey drop me an email at and I will get you some info. Tell Dad we said HI.:)

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