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Va Hunter 07-09-2010 09:38 AM

Fun, short trip on Weds. nite
Weds nite after supper, I was about to roast and needed a few minutes standing in the river. I grabbed my 4 weight flyrod(ultralite) plus a couple of small poppers and took off down to irratate the bream(or perch, sunfish, punkinseeds) in the river. Boy, did that water feel nice. The water was a little cooler right below a good riffle, so that's where I figured to start. 2nd cast a bream knock the popper plumb outa the water. Of course, I tried crossing his eyes and for those of ya that don't or haven't fished with a flyrod, you're supposed to just raise up on the rodtip. It takes me a couple of times to get this theory thru my brain. Anyhoo, I plopped it right back in the same place and the bream nailed it again. After letting him play a minute or two, I had him in hand and released. I must have caught and released a dozen of them before the BIG splash.
I'd moved up above the riffle and had just settle the popper in the water and started popping it back when there was a blowup on my bug. I raised up on the tip(like I'm supposed to) and watched the slack line start upstream. The only fish I've had take line like this was a huge rainbow trout this spring. This weren't no trout! Confirmation came when the smallmouth cleared the water! After going back and forth for what seemed like 20 minutes and a mad dash downstream,tripping over rocks and stuff included, I got him/her turned into shallow water and rolled up on its side. I stuck my thumb in it's mouth and raised up a 17'' smally! After admiring it for a moment or two, I held it in the riffle to revive it and released it. The good thing about fishin is that it's a recycling deal. Let it go today and you can catch it again. I'm looking forward to meeeting this one again!
This is the second nice smally(over 15'') I've taken from this river this year. I tickles me to no end that folks stop fishing in it when the Fish and Game Dept. stops stocking trout for the year. If I stay away from the kids swimming in some of the deeper holes, I've got the river to myself for miles.

Bow Drawn 07-09-2010 02:00 PM

Sounds like a slice of heaven to me where your fishing. No preasure from fishiing makes for a lot of fish fights. Smallie are numero uno fun and a challenging fight when fishing with light gear.

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