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AF Hunter 04-15-2010 10:44 AM

Season 1 Turkey is Done
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Went out Monday morning after roosting the birds on Sunday night. A friend of mine who is 90% turkey himself came in to hunt and call with me. 6:00 AM we're in place and the turkeys are a gobblin'. Lonnie starts yelping and purring and it sounds like we're completely surrounded. 6:30 - we have a looong beard coming and I'm ready to put a lil smackdown on him. 6:35 - he's 60 yards out and walking to us pausing to strut now and again. As he disappears behind a small knoll I raise my friend Benelli to great him when he appears above the ridgeline. Just as I figure he's going to appear, there is that sound NO turkey hunter ever wants to hear! Behind us no more than 15 feet, we had 8 hens that had come in and had busted us. Lonnie and I watched the tom sprinting (yes, big old toms can run really fast on those short little legs) away. We decide to move to another spot I know they roosted the night before. Carefully working our way around below the ridgeline we get to 100 yards of where we're heading when we hear drumming and spitting. We freeze in place and there 30 yards out behind thick brush is a tom strutting his butt off! We stand there frozen watching trying to get a chance to hunker down and call. When he's facing away from us each time we lower ourselves a little more. After what seems like forever, we're finally seated. Lonnie gets his shotgun ready and as he does, once again the alarm goes off to our left! 60 yards out there was a hen that neither one of us saw in the crp grass. Crap!!!! Didn't see any more toms on Monday.
Tuesday morning we went to a timber they logged last year and got in place along another field. As we call, 6 toms start up the logging road to us! We both have hunted together enough that I knew at 20 yards he would take the biggest tom on the left and I would take the one on the right. 30 yards out they leave the logging road to the brush on the left. After a few moments, a tom pops out of the brush at 20' from Lonnie. Knowing I did not have a shot in that direction, Lonnie made a mush-head out of him. A really nice 28 lb bird with 1 1/4" spurs, but he had beard rot. His beard was only 4" long. The other toms were gone back down the hill before I could even get stood up. We get his tom and decide to head to the creek bottom. Just as we start down the hill, there is a gobble to our rear. We hunker down real quick and I yelp. 150 yards out steps a long beard! That boy is on a string coming right to us. 5 minutes later another tom drops. 25 lbs 4 oz, 1 1/4" spurs, 10 1/4" beard.
After we picked up our toms, we hiked the mile and half back to the truck through 2 creeks and way too much multifloral rose. I was worn out but have another nice bird.
Sorry it was so long!

Va Hunter 04-15-2010 02:56 PM

Congrats to both of ya!

HuntnMa 04-18-2010 07:00 AM

woohoooooo, congrats !!!!

wannabe 04-18-2010 09:49 PM

Great story and congrats to both of you!!

krr6581 04-20-2010 09:48 AM

I got da blues, I got da blues, I got dem down home turkey huntin blues.....:(

NCSCOTT68 04-22-2010 11:50 AM


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