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phillyarcher 03-01-2010 07:03 PM

Broadhead for bears
I'm going on a spring bear hunt in Newfoundland and was wondering what would be a good broadhead to use. I have used spitfires 125, and I have tried rage and a dozen other broadheads. also what arrow would you recomend for the broadhead. I shoot a lot of deer and I use a cheaper arrow because of the # of deer I shoot.

bear2 03-01-2010 08:06 PM

I like to shoot a good solid broadhead such as the hellrazor 100gr. I have taken a half dozen bears using strykers this spring I am going with the hellrazors. As for arrows I like something on the heavy side 9-11 gpi. Beman and Carbon Express each make good arrows that fit the bill. Have fun

firediver 03-01-2010 09:32 PM

I am a Hellrazor fan all day long!!!! I've shot two mature whitetails and a caribou with them and all three tipped over in sight. I've killed 2 bears with Thunderheads and I can't wait to zip a Hellrazor though one!!!!

timba 03-01-2010 10:03 PM

I got G5 striker magnums to try this year on bears can't wait :)

Smokey 03-04-2010 09:19 PM

G5 Montec's are tough and can't be beat on big game.

youngbuck83 03-05-2010 07:48 AM

The one and only bear I've killed I did so using a Spitfire Maxx and it worked awesome...bear only ran about 40yds.

Bow Drawn 03-05-2010 09:34 AM

This absolutely typical every time this topic comes up just about every time.

Me I like the G5 Strikers. They have right out of the package very sharp replaceable blades and their small profile makes for good flight. Yet have a 1 1/8" cut. The Magnum VERSION has a 1 1/2" cut and again have all the attributes of the small version.

firediver 03-06-2010 07:42 PM

I've taken two bears and filmed one.....from what I saw, you could kill them with a field point;)

ACPOSSETIM 03-06-2010 11:01 PM

I agree with FD, a GOOD hit will put a bear down fast if you've got a good sharp head. A bad hit and you'll be cussing yourself (or your guide might be cussing you if you have to track it in some thick stuff!) If you got the k.e. spitfire's would be hard to beat....but a hellrazor would be great for any setup!!!!

Bow Drawn 03-08-2010 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by firediver (Post 37780)
I've taken two bears and filmed one.....from what I saw, you could kill them with a field point;)

I've heard that said about Whitetail too but I wouldn't want to walk up on a wounded bear, deer yes, bear nope!

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