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Great White Hunter 01-31-2008 09:04 AM

Outfitter Hog Hunt Sign Up
Is there anyone who would like to hunt 4d Outfitters in Mexia, TX with me? He can take up to 4 in the "high" fenced area (fence about 40" tall or so). Meals (regular redneck meals - not the 4star hotel meals), lodging, He can sleep 4 comfortably (I would sleep at home:D). It would be a bowhunting weekend. He has room for 4 in the fenced area and two in a free-ranging area (no guarantees out there but there's a lot of hogs in the area). The two free range areas would have stands (1 with a feeder) and (1 with a pig pipe [kick feeder]). It would be a Saturday - sunday deal with 2 hogs (1/day) at 125lbs or less or you can take a tropy at 150.00 trophy fee. The free ranging spots would be 75.00/day with no trophy fee. I've seen boars there as big as 400 lbs or more. I took my 1st archery hog there (100 lb boar). I might be able to take my 5th wheel down there and let ya'll use it that would sleep more. But we'd be looking for 6 at the max. If there were 6 that wanted to go I would back out and maybe help guide since I can go at a later date. He lives about 45 minutes from me. Nate (owner) and Randy (guide) will bust their butts to make sure you get hogs!

Up to 6 people (including 2 in free ranging setups)
meals, transportation to stands and back, lodging, semi-guide, 2 hogs under 125 lbs, tracking and game recovery.
Wounds count as a kill
It's not the Ritz by any stretch of the word but Nate's got a good thing going and it's very affordable.

Nate and Randy are also good-hearted, integrity driven people with your experience with them being their utmost priority. I personally vouch for them and call them friends. FYI, This is Nate's passion not his job. Nate's day job is as a miner in the Mexia area. But, he has a TON of hogs!

Let me know if you're interested.;)

You can see his sight at

I'm still looking forward to seeing my new potential hunting spot on Saturday!:D

I haven't set any dates yet. I was thinking about beginning or middle of March.

TLC 01-31-2008 11:41 AM

Kevin, when and how much would the total cost be for everything but the trophy fees? and what about licenses down there in texas? they OTC?

pbg40g 01-31-2008 11:56 AM

I'd like to know that, too. I have another chance to go hog hunting at the end of February in Texas, but I can't do both, and this one might give me a little more time to prepare financially.
As long as I can be back home March 24th. That's Julie's birthday, and I CANNOT be gone on my wife's birthday!

Great White Hunter 01-31-2008 01:25 PM

Hey Paul if you miss one of her birthdays that opens it up to miss the rest of her birthdays!:eek:;):D

The total cost of the hunt would be the 250 bucks. The detailed inclusions are:

(2) hogs under 125 lbs (considered meat hogs)
Guiding (More than likely Nate and Randy would guide all 4 hunters)
Transportation to and from stands
Lodging - there are currently 2 queen beds - comfortable
Meals - Breakfast and Dinner are provided (lunch is typically leftovers or snacks that you bring but they are flexible providing a lunch)
Game tracking - a huge bonus! Those hogs can get into some pretty nasty stuff!

*Wounds are kills

Not included:

The out of state license is 45 bucks for 5 days and can be purchased at our local Wal-Mart or Gander Mountain.

Dressing, skinning, quartering and packing in cooler is 25 bucks/hog or you could do it yourself (Randy and I both would help if we are not busy with others)

*Their processor in Waco, TX processes ham steaks, porkchops, breakfast sausage (typical processing) and shipping to your home would be about 60-70 bucks/hog

Transportation to or from the airport (DFW is about 1.5 hrs away) You'd want a rental car.

You would come in to the place on Friday afternoon. I'm sure he'd let you leave on Monday morning since ya'll are out of staters!

I double-checked on the lodging with him since I always just visit him then go home. I've never slept there. They do the whole campfire thing and have a good time. His last lodge has been torn down. Currently it is a camper with two queens and am told it's very comfortable. He hopes to have a new lodge built by the time this happens but not sure yet. Can sleep 4 in there comfortably if you are willing to share your bed space;). There are also motels there but you miss out on the comraderie. Most of the time they have 3-4 hunters and they have no problem with the sharing. The food is breakfast (like breakfast burritos or ham steaks and eggs, that sort of thing). Lunch is typically snack or leftover type of thing nothing formal or planned. Dinner is usually stew, or chili or someother type of hunting style dinner. Those guys cook pretty durn' good.:D I usually have candy bars, beef jerky etc. for my lunch cuz' I'm too busy slinging arrows or horseing around.

So in the interest of making sure everyone's taken care of lets keep it to no more than 4 that are willing to sleep in two comfortable queens. I would be there but would not count as the 4 because I have my own bed 45 minutes up the road.:D

Curious about guide tips you can PM me.

No trophy fee on the free range side but 150 bucks in the fence.

FYI - You can take meat frozen solid onto planes in your luggage. I do it most every year when I come home from Montana. They just want it frozen solid and put in a leakproof bag in a suitcase (usually wrap it in butcher paper and put it in a trash bag then put it in a suitcase. It's still frozen when I get home. (Just a tip)

Example: Like Paul can probably drive here in about 12 hours and take his meat home in his van. It would just cost him the 250 bucks plus the 45 license.

Any more questions?

Also, if I'm in a position to help with the meat, etc. I will. I have a chest freezer in my garage. If you wanted to take it on the plane with you and had enough time to let it freeze I could freeze it for you. Also, packing it in coolers with dry ice works very well!

bowing4bulls 02-13-2008 12:21 PM

Now that just mite be something to look into hmmm?

Great White Hunter 02-13-2008 01:56 PM

hogs are a lot of fun. I thought the price was pretty darn good. I know the owner of the place. I know the owner and the guide very well. Don't get any better than those guys. They really try to give you a great experience. It's not the ritz but the price is hard to beat!

bowing4bulls 02-13-2008 02:39 PM

Yeah you can't beat the $ not at all, hhhmmmm boy that would be nice!

pbg40g 02-13-2008 07:23 PM

If I get my tax return back in time, maybe I can handle this. Something came up that has us kinda strapped right now, but I would LOVE to do it! Meet some of you guys/gals and have some fun! One of those "free-ranging" setups might fit into my budget better, too.

might need to borrow a bow when I get there though, unless a youth bow with a 35-lb pull is legal in Texas.

pbg40g 02-14-2008 09:21 AM

please check out my latest post here:

bowing4bulls 02-14-2008 11:44 AM

Yeah I don't know I would love to, but with the new truck payment and a full college class load it make it a little hard, but hey who knows maybe something will come up!

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