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ACPOSSETIM 12-31-2009 11:30 AM

I've recently met a guy that hunts rabbits and pheasants with Falcons. I've never seen it or participated before, just wondering what you guys think of the sport?

burrhead 12-31-2009 12:22 PM

I've seen a couple of shows where they did that, It would be exciting I think.

Va Hunter 12-31-2009 01:57 PM

My vet was into hunting like this when he was younger. He and his brother had a blast at it. Getting the proper permits though can be a real bugger. I recently caught the last half of show on TV. These guys had Feds in on a regular basis to check on the birds ,their upkeep and health, plus the flight pens where they were kept. This particular guy used hawks and owls for his hunting.

I'd like to go with someone sometime but don't plan on taking up the hobby.

Hey, at least you break any teeth on missed shot!

Bow Drawn 01-04-2010 11:15 AM

Old method and I think it's very cool. Working with raptors or falconry would be a year round hunting endeavor taking care of the birds. :cool:

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