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jarider30 12-05-2009 01:44 PM

Hey Ralph and Vicki what about youth bows?
Hey guys, I have an 11yr old that wants to archery hunt with me. So I am looking for youth /beginner compound bows, but I want to get a bow that he's not going to outgrow in a year. Do you guys or your posse have certain bows you buy for your kids? I think it will make a great Christmas gift. Thanks Mike

firediver 12-05-2009 02:17 PM

Ralph and Vicki are currently on their way to Anticosti....I'm sure they will answer your question as soon as they return.

In the mean time....take a look at the Hoyt Trykon Jr.

PAdroptine 12-05-2009 04:54 PM

I agree with Scott the Trykon Jr. is great for youth also look at the Kobalt, and the Trykon Sport there good bows also

ACPOSSETIM 12-05-2009 07:21 PM

I know the Trykon Jr. has a 9" of draw length adjustment and a limb upgrade program too. That bow would be hard to beat!

Va Hunter 12-14-2009 11:24 AM

The youngun across the street from me got a Diamond 2 years ago and hunts with it regularly, even though he's growing like a weed. His dad keeps letting it out and adding to the draw weight. If I was told right, there's an upgrade for heavier and longer limbs at little to no cost.

woody 01-20-2010 01:14 PM

I just asked Ralph the same question and he said to look up Fuse Archery youth bows.I"m getting one for my 4yr old boy.

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