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Va Hunter 10-24-2009 10:25 AM

Another crossbow question
I must be doing something wrong. I'm pretty certain on my ranges but I've shot under 2 different deer. 1 was around 20 yds and the second was probably just inside of 30yds. The bolts, shot from a tree stand, went right under them directly behind the front leg. I feel like some kind of idiot! Both times I was holding at the back edge of the shoulder.
On flat ground this thing's shooting dead on. Should I be holding higher? Unfortunately, I don't have access to a place to shoot this Xbow from a tree in practice. When shooting rifles, pistols or shotguns, I don't have to worry about too much drop, but this thangs another story.


oneshot 10-24-2009 06:47 PM

I've never had a problem with hiting different from a tree than the ground. The crossbow shoots fast but when they start to drop they do it pretty fast knowing the exact yardage seems to be more important with them than a compound.

craig 11-22-2009 10:34 PM

I think it is more important to know your yardage with a bow then the X-bow. I use to shoot compound and now shoot an Excalibur, I use a peep and 2 pins. 30 and 10 yrds, anything from 8 to 14 yrds I put my 10 on it and anything 24 to 30 yrds put the 30 on it. Anything in between that is between the 30 and 10.

Glenburniekid 11-26-2009 09:45 AM

The best advice I can give when hunting elevated is to shoot for the exit of the arrow on the animal. In other words, where you want the arrow to exit the animal on the side away from you. One of the popular phrases for this is to aim for the off-side shoulder. This works if the deer is directly broadside or quartering(angling) away and will help you to get your arrow through both lungs giving you a speedy and ethical kill and usually a good blood trail. If possible it is good to practice those elevated shots on a target before the season.

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