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auburn3808 10-19-2009 09:45 AM

Alabama Twofer
It was a good day on stand Saturday. Friday night I had setup in a tree on the south of my greenfield and saw 8-10 does. Right at dark several bucks came in and hung out in the woods on the north side of my field and locked up.. wouldn't come out.

So Saturday rolls around and I skip the morning hunt in order to keep from spooking the bucks out of the area. Went in at noon, moved my stand, and sat down for a long sit. First doe came out at 12:15:eek:

Around 3:30 a big doe came out upwind of me but for some reason she decided she smelled something and stood on the edge of the field blowing, snorting, and stomping. At only 25yds I decided she was going to ruin my hunt so I took care of her. (she basically committed suicide) She didn't even know she was hit.. just walked away like nothing happened.. until she crashed 60yds away.

Several small bucks roll by including a spike, a 3point, and a 6. Right at 5:30 I hear the cracking of acorns behind me and I slowly spin around to see a nice 8 working his way in. My first shot opportunity was right at 3yds from my tree but when I drew my bow back my bottom limb kept hitting the top rail of my climber so I hung my bow back up, eased the top part of my climber down to my ankles, and waited for the shot. 5 yards, through the back into the heart. Missed the spine by mere inches but the G5 Montec did it's job. He only ran around 30yds before crashing.

Monie 10-19-2009 07:53 PM

Holy cow!! What an awesome hunt!! Congratulations!! :)

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