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Great White Hunter 09-25-2009 12:56 PM

Took a Great Sow Last Night - First Blood With The New Bow!
Took a few hours to myself amidst all my recent chaos (my plant is closing down and I'm losing my main job [I have 3 writing, archery tech, and my managing job at the factory], I got stuck with a water bill for a 243,000 gallon water leak on my property [my side of the meter - coming off the meter], and looking at a car repair that was so exorbitant that I was forced to trade in my wife's car for a new one, creating a new bill when I'm losing the job that pays the bills.

Anyway, my buddy and I went down to the Honey Hole. At about 9:45 p.m. I shot a bit further back than I wanted - I think she took a step just as I released but I did get the upper lobes of both lungs. She went 40 yards. She went right at 200 lbs on the scale. She was a very tough drag back to the open field (anyone hunting the thickets and briar patches of Texas will understand). The pic just does not do her justice.

Incidentally, this is First Blood for my new Mathews DXT and I was quite suprised, actually, at how fast my arrow was, pass through like melted butter, and it honestly is, I think, even quiter than my Black Ice ever was. It is about 20 fps faster than my Black Ice was (I'm hitting about 290 fps with my short 27" draw length). I am flat-out impressed with my new Mathews! Full write up will come soon but here she is. :yahoo:

BTW, this also added 2 more points for the guys!:D Are we cutting Monie's hair again this year?

HuntnMa 09-27-2009 06:11 AM

yeah, she's a good one........congrats

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