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HurricaneCreek 09-02-2009 06:15 PM

Bowtech Equalizer
I've kept this bow around as a spare/back up bow and have never really used it. Probably less than 100 arrows through it and it has never seen the woods.

2006 Bowtech Equalizer with 24" and 26.5" draw length mods (24" installed)
50/60# limbs
Cobra Boomslang sight
QAD Ultra rest
G5 peep


Monie 09-02-2009 06:55 PM

That's a good looking bow!

How do you like your X-force? Those things look like the cat's meow!

HurricaneCreek 09-03-2009 06:40 PM

I am loving my X-force :D :D Those B.E.S.T. grips fit my hand like no other bow I've ever picked up!

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