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CrazyJoe 08-15-2009 03:34 PM

When are ya's coming back up to Thompson?
I will try to make this short, I started watching your shows last year when we got satellite TV. I was hooked, and so was my wife, she is a non-hunter :( so far. We watched every show together I would have to wait till she could watch them with me. In November I got flown to Thompson for a job interview, then later on we watched some "BEAR'N DOWN" shows on TV and you talked about Thompson, I was just thrilled that you guys love it here. I live here now, and talked to Dean my fellow co-worker and found out that he guided you guys at Ken Gangler's Canadian Sub-Arctic Hunting ( Bear'N Down 4 DVD ) with that crazy blonde bear. Keep up the great work, we love how you encourage all hunters to unite and get the youth involved.

ACM_Ralph 08-24-2009 05:43 AM

Crazy Joe, Thanks for watching and we will be back up there next spring, tell your wife to go out with you and see what hunting is all about. She will be there with you and get to understand why we all live it! Take care and tell everyone we said HI and we wish you all in Manitoba a GREAT SAFE SEASON.
:D Ralph, Vicki & POSSE

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