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Great White Hunter 07-22-2009 12:18 PM

R&V - Going to TTHA Hunter Extravaganza Again in Ft Worth?
Sorry I couldn't come see ya in Athens a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure Deb told ya I had to deal with a bunch of stuff at home even though you were a mere 20 miles east of me. Wulf's is a nice place. I will be working in the Mossy Oak Booth at TTHA Hunter's Extravaganza in Ft Worth in mid-August this year and know that I've visited with you there in the past. Are you gonna' be there again this year? I'll be there Saturday and Sunday so I can come visit if you are.

Take care!

ACM_Vicki 08-04-2009 07:08 AM

Sorry we missed you at Wulf!! :( We aren't going to be making any of the TTHA shows this year, they have us running all over the place this August!! :) WI, OH, IL, Edmonton Alberta!!!!! :)
I know TTHA wanted to get us for 2010, so maybe we will se you then!! :)
Take care and stay cool!!

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