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omegamax 07-04-2009 07:54 PM

alphamax 28 inch draw 60lb
Can you tell me if you would use the number 2e cam or the 3a cam for a 28 inch draw. I talked to Hoyt and the gal said they now offer the 28 inch draw both in the above mentioned configuration.
I have not purchased a alphamax yet. But I'am strongly thinking of it.
Your imput would very helpful?
Thank's Guy's.
See Ya.

MJewell 07-06-2009 06:37 AM

28" mods can be bought for both of the cams. I'm not sure but there souldn't be any gain in chosing one over the other.


NCSCOTT68 07-06-2009 11:18 PM

I would perfer to use the number 2 cam for the 28 inch draw.

Grnmtn 07-07-2009 10:21 AM

I would go with the 2 cam. It is a touch faster because it uses the full rotation of the cam for the power stroke. But we are talking of just a couple FPS between the two. The Wall to me felt slightly different between the two cam options, so part of it your going to need to test them to see which feel you like better. On either make sure your draw stop is in the correct place to give you the valley.

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