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elkhunter23 06-30-2009 04:24 PM

My wife's first archery season
Last year was my wife's first year of archery hunting. She became interested in archery hunting after we met Ralph, Vicki and Posse members at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison WI. It was opening day of the Wisconsin archery season and we were in a pop-up blind. We were able to shot anything that walked by because we had earned buck tags the previous year. It was a rainy morning so I was hopeful deer would be moving. A spike buck walked out at 11 yards and my wife made a perfect shot. The deer took off and then came right back and died right where she had shot him. She was in shock and I was overcome with pride in her. The celebration began with High 5's then hugs. We went back out hunting that afternoon and she got up in our big deer stand and I situated myself in the lower end of the food plot in a ladder stand. About an hour after getting in the stand, a big doe came flying by me with blood coming out of both sides. She died right behind me. My wife had managed to kill 2 deer on her first day of archery hunting. An accomplishment not to my people can brag about. Thanks Vicki for being a great representative of women in the hunting world. Guys you should try getting your wives interested in hunting. It is a wonderful experience seeing them succeed.:)

InDaWoods 07-01-2009 07:20 AM

Good Story... Glad you and your wife have something that you both can enjoy and share together.

Colorado Rick 07-01-2009 08:51 AM


Originally Posted by elkhunter23 (Post 33067)
Guys you should try getting your wives interested in hunting. It is a wonderful experience seeing them succeed.:)

I couldn't agree more. Long story short... my wife started last year for almost the same reasons. After a year of beating herself up because of bad equipment and bad shots... So far this year she has:

1 Feral sow 116 lbs
(3 minutes later) 1 Feral boar - 116 lbs (Yup... minutes - Girls Rule video)
(2 months later) 1 Feral boar - 80 lbs
1 Corsican Ram

She's smokin' me like a cheap cigar!

Move over Ralph... :(

Monie 07-01-2009 06:27 PM

Elk, that is soooo awesome!!! Congrats to your wife!!!!!! She's going to be on the girls team for the annual Guys vs Girls Hunting Contest, right??

Huntress 08-02-2009 06:45 PM

That was an awesome story!! Keep her in the woods, we need more women getting involved in the sport. Congratualtions to her and to you for now you have a partner for life int he woods with you! She will be one that you will not want to be without!!! However she may shot more and bigger animals than you! I think its a girl thing!! :)

LRobHuntress 11-26-2009 09:24 AM

Family ties
I love to hunt and fish. It was how I was raised. I think it is awesome to hear of people, especially women, first learning to hunt and having it grow into a passion and something to do with our spouses. I think it is awesome for relationships to share in such an incredible experience. That's part of what inspired so that moms don't feel like they have to stay at home with the kids while the men go out to hunt. There are all kinds of options to hunting, with or without the kids. But we want our kids to learn the same passion, and one day, we can have them hunt quietly by our sides, or have them take us out when we are not able to get around so easily. It creates strong family ties. Keep it up folks! I think its awesome!

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