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bullmoose38 01-27-2008 12:50 PM

Do you have a "special gun"?
Mine is a Winchester 1300 12 gauge NWTF edition. When I was 12 in Little League my dad made a deal with me. He said if I hit a homerun in Allstars he would get me a 12 gauge of my choice. Thats what I picked!:) I plan on using it for spring turkeys. I never used it in the spring before. Thats the gun that will always mean the most to me.

HurricaneCreek 01-27-2008 12:56 PM

Mine is a little Savage bolt action .22. It was the first gun I ever shot and I and it belongs to my dad. (It still sits in his broom closet and at 12 yrs. old I snuck out ALL his ammo and shot it all moms trash barrel!!!!....boy was I ever in trouble!!) I truly hope it is mine someday as it has a whole lot of sentimental value!

nhbowhunter21 01-27-2008 03:03 PM

Mine is a Model 99 Savage in 250-3000. It was my grand-fathers. When he passed away my dad gave it to me. It was my first deer rifle and in the years that I have had it I have taken many deer. It's not the largest caliber but a well placed shot will bring down even the biggest buck. I added a nice 3-9x scope a few years back and it still is my favorite gun.

spinninbug 01-28-2008 11:26 AM

Mine is a Ithaca feather weight 20 guage, I used this gun to duck hunt and small game when I was growing up, being the only girl, my brother didn't think I should get this gun, however being Daddy's little girl means something and last summer my dad told me to bring in a gun case the next time I came over, I sorta had this dumbfounded look on my face, he said you want that Ithica don't you? Well yeah but didn't figure I would get it. I'm glad he gave it to me before something happens to him, it means alot to me.

timba 01-28-2008 03:13 PM

mine is a ruger m77 30-06,been using it for 20 years now,I also have a remigton 12 gauge from my grandpa I got years ago.I really don't shoot it since I don't duck or goose hunt.


SunRiverMan 01-28-2008 09:48 PM

Marlin 1895 refinished with Roguard and NP3 by Robar shooting Buffalo Bore 350 grain bullets. It gives me comfort in grizzly country. My sidearm is a S&W .41 magnum when bow hunting. SRM out!

Great White Hunter 01-29-2008 07:48 AM

My grandfather was my idol. He was a cowboy and a hunter so naturally I was enthralled with him. He promised he'd go to my 8th birthday party. Well, the day before my 8th birthday he died. I still remember as if it was yesterday. I was crushed. I still keep a picture of him on my desk at work.

I was given two things of his which I cherish and will never part with. One was his Army Air Corps Bombardier Wings from when he was in WWII.

The other is what was his favorite hunting rifle. One which he built back in 1947. It is a "wildcat" rifle that is chambered in .257 Roberts. It has the old "snap-in" Tasco scope (with dust inside but it's still deadly accurate). It has a very high gloss blued finish and the stock is very similar to a Weatherby Mark V. It has an old German Military Mauser action in it (long extractor). It is Tigerstripe Maple and hand carved with ebony and ivory inlays. It is still (except for a few scratches from hunting trips of old) is in remarkably like new condition. The trigger pull, like most military actions, is too long but I won't ever change a thing on it. I've killed a few animals with it as I know that is what would have made him happy. I will continue to hunt with it on occasion. This is my "special" gun.

pbg40g 01-29-2008 08:54 AM

Mine will be whatever the Lord allows me to purchase first. Although I would have loved to be able to inherit this old Japanese rifle my grandfather had. He got it while he was stationed in Japan during the American occupation, it was very old and didn't fire, but he let me borrow it some for practice when I was in high school on the ROTC drill team.

TLC 01-29-2008 12:25 PM

winchester model 1897 16 guage shotgun my grandfather gave me. full choke, deadly on pheasants and ducks. going to give it to the boy at some point.

bowing4bulls 01-29-2008 12:46 PM

This may not count, but mine is my old Red Raider BB gun, my every 1st firearm. I got it for Chirstmas when I was 7.

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