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tom v 06-06-2009 04:20 PM

My favorite Mount/Snow Storm Buck
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Hi All, just wanted to share one of my favorite mounts with you all and a short story, my Dad and I always hunted together, one winter we had a heck of a snow storm and I really did not want to be in the woods, from my Dads prompting I finally gave in, cursing the weather (under my breathe of course), at about 3:30 PM, i caught some movement by a large blow down and watched as this buck made its way up the trail to me , at about 12 yards i touched off the release and watched the deer go back up the trail, after a short wait, I started off in the direction the deer went and quickly picked up a good blood trail, i whistled for my dad and waited till he got to me and we proceeded to track the deer, after about 60 yards we found the buck, as you can imagine my Dad ribbed me about not wanting to hunt and all I could do was to give thanks I once again listened to my Dad, well my Dad was stricken with acute arthiritis and almost overnight he had all he can do to walk with out the use of a walker, Man i lost my best friend and hunting partner and I would give anything to have my Dad back out in the woods with me once again, I look back at all the great hunts i have had since then and i owe it all to my Dad, hell, he taught me all I know today!

oneshot 06-06-2009 08:36 PM

Cool pic and story Tom.

tom v 06-07-2009 08:27 AM

Thank you Oneshot, glad you enjoyed it.

Monie 06-07-2009 11:18 AM

Very nice. Thanks for sharing that with us. :)

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