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Roughneck 05-07-2009 06:11 PM

For Vicki
hey there.
i just bought my girlfriend a bow as a gift. i was kinda just hoping she would tag along with me to go to the range and mabe hunting a little so that i could go more often. you know spend time with her and get to bow hunt at the same time.
now i cant get her to stop. we go to the range every other night and shes watching your show and getting pumped to go spring bear hunting.
anyways my question is do you as a woman archer have any tips for her and is there any equipment you use as a woman that u would recomend? i try but i find myself telling her to use and try different things that i like and she hates them. i end up looking like a fool!!:(
thanks in advance!!
ps if u guys wanna come to northern alberta for a big black bear or mabe a monster whitetail let me know!!

ACM_Vicki 07-08-2009 07:05 PM

Hey Roughneck!
Sorry for the delay in responding!! :(
Honestly, when Ralph tells me to try new things I usualy hate them too!! :) The great thing now is that there are a lot more manufacturers out there making hunting equipment for women too!! The best thing for her is to continue to try new items. (Even if see hates you for suggesting it) :) Archery is a very personal sport, everyone as their own ideas of what they like & don't like. If there is a specific items she is looking for and needs help, have her email me and maybe I can help out!
Tell her I said 'YOU GO GIRL!!' :D:):D:)
VickiC :)

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