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Canuck2 05-02-2009 05:50 PM

Annual Deer Count
Our local club does a deer count all around the area each year about now. This is the weekend, and several crews went out this morning to their designated areas. My buddy and I did our zone for about the 10th consecutive year, so we have our system down pat. Of course we don't expect to see all the deer, but in general we get a good year-to-year comparison.

In about 2 hours early this morning we counted 153 whitetails, 10 mule deer, and 2 coyotes. That's a bit disturbing, because the whitetail count is down about 100 from most years. However, my feeling is that the population isn't down but rather we just had bad luck finding them. We'll have a better idea once all the numbers are in and we see how other groups fared compared to previous years.

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