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Drake 04-23-2009 03:16 PM

1st Bear Hunt, Info Please
Hello everyone, I'm heading to Alberta May 28th for my first ever Black Bear Hunt with Alberta Bear Busters. I have a few questions on packing. First of all I understand you bring back capes, and skulls, any suggestions on Ice Chest, etc. etc. I saw on one of Ralph & Vicki's show, where Ralph was giving a Tip on how to get your Bear(s) back through customs, anyone have a link to that Video Tip? Sounded like some sound advice, just wish I would of paid more attention:)

What are the cost in Bringing back that extra baggage, say if you were fortunate enough to bring back 2 bears. Any other tips are greatly appreciated for Northern Alberta, this time of year. Thanks All!

bear2 04-23-2009 06:28 PM

If you are looking for a cooler get one of the GOOD 5 day models make sure it is big enough & the hide is frozen to fit ALL the way in the cooler with the cover closed . Sounds simple but you'd be amazed how often that doesn't happen.
Make sure you take a thermacell or two in & plenty of refills.

Some things the guides do won't make sense but unless it is something really bad don't second guess them watch & learn except for a few bad ones they are doing what they are doing for a reason usually that being because it works for them & their clients.

Most of all have fun!!!!!!!!!!

broadfieldpoint 04-24-2009 08:32 AM

When I hunted with trophy book outfitters, they put the cape (in a plastic bag) in a "rubbermaid" tub and filled it with ice. I have to stop and put ice in it one other time on the drive home. If you are flying, you should make contact with someone who's "been there done that". Fortunately, living in washington state, I get to enjoy an awesome drive north every year. Good luck.

YorkArcher 04-27-2009 09:04 AM

I drove, so I took a big cooler to bring things back with me.

My guide had frozen my hide and the meat in plastic bags at a local lodge.

I did have to stop and get more ice a few times!

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