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clu__82 04-14-2009 08:04 PM

Diamond Iceman Beware!!
Hi all...well I had a very unfortunate event happen to me last weekend. I had shot about 10 or so arrows through my brand new Iceman bow when this happened:

As I drew my brand new Iceman bow back to full draw as I always do, I heard a small crack, a small piece of plastic fell to the ground and the string kept pulling way past my anchor point. I was a little bit dumbfounded as all of the slack came out of the bow. I looked at the bow and noticed that the string had un-looped off of both cams on each end. I put the bow down and noticed that the cable was stuck on the draw length adjustment screw. I lightly touched the screw to see if the broken plastic piece came from it when CRACK! The cable released from the screw. It ended up smacking my thumb. I spent 4 hours in the ER yesterday. The cable ended up breaking my thumb, cutting it for numerous stitches and ripping half of my nail off. I honestly didn't wrench on it or try to un-lodge anything. I just gently touched the screw to see what was going on.

The force that was released onto my thumb and onto the bow ended up blowing off the bottom limbs and breaking off the two black plastic pieces. Clearly, there was a lot of force that was released when the cable dislodged from that screw. Now, I truly don't know if this was a once in a million freak accident, or if it is something that may happen again to someone else under the very same specific circumstances. So please, if this happens to you, DO NOT TOUCH THE BOW!! Put it in its case very carefully and bring it in to a shop.

Needless to say, my thumb is pretty messed up because of the malfunction in the bow. I am going to see a plastic surgeon next week to see if they need to operate and repair it.

I have contacted Diamond just in case that if in very specific conditions this may happen to someone else. My draw length is 28" and that may be a perfect condition to have this happen again, who knows. It was so bizarre and happen so fast.

So please listen to this because you do not want what happened to me.



PS The bow was awesome and I am in no way bashing the bow. I am excited to get my thumb healed up and am excited to get my replacement Iceman bow. I think that Diamond bows are fantastic and that this may have been a freak accident. I love my Diamond Rock and my wife loves her Razors Edge.

Here are some pics:

1) Bow aftermath

2) This is the reverse side of the draw adjustment screw/ can see how the rubber bit was cut and where you can see the red that is where the plastic piece broke off from

3) This was the small piece of plastic that fell after I heard the cracking sound

4) This is what the pressure did to my bow after the cable snapped off

5) You can see the reverse side of the draw adjustment screw/stopper and how bent it is

6) That is where the cable got stuck

I do want to say that I purchased this bow from a store and it was set up for me. I did not adjust anything my self other than putting on the stabilizer, rest and wrist sling. I guess this is a lesson learned.

Basically I think the cable wrapped around my thumb when it ripped the front top left part of my thumb tore the left base part of my thumb nail out and it was hanging over the skin....a large flap of skin was ripped out of the left side of the thumb and a deep cut was on the right side....all in all ...a couple nail had to be cut off and then the rest of it put back under the skin......and to boot thumb was snapped in half between the base of the nail and my first knuckle....apparently there are some chunks floating..... But hey it could have been my face or cut my thumb all in all...a lesson learned and in a couple of should be holding a bow and flinging an arrow.

PAdroptine 04-14-2009 08:49 PM

Ouch! that stinks

YorkArcher 04-15-2009 07:29 AM

I feel for ya brother...

Had a bow come undone on me once at about half draw...

Get better soon!!!!

Colorado Rick 04-15-2009 03:11 PM

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Man that sucks. Hope that you get healed up quick.

A friend of mine put this up on


PAdroptine 04-15-2009 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by Colorado Rick (Post 31480)
Man that sucks. Hope that you get healed up quick.

A friend of mine put this up on


OMG!:eek: that looks terrible how did that happen?

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